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Costa Almeria
Holiday to the Costa de Almeria:

Travel Guide to your Holiday on the Costa de Almeria:
The Costa Almeria is as varied as any of the Spanish Coasts. The coast line of the Costa de Almeria is completely unspoilt. To the east of Almeria you can find the rugged and desolate coast of the Cabo de Gata - Nijar natural park. This area of the Costa de Almeria is popular with nature lovers and back-packers.

Costa de Almeria is a lot less touristy than the other costa's and you will find quiet resorts, traditional white-washed villages and beaches that have been untouched by holiday tourism.

A few of the holiday resorts on the Costa de Almeria such as Roquetas de Mar are a little more touristy and offer a more typical holiday atmosphere with shopping malls, seafront restaurants and British-style pubs.

Holiday weather on the Costa de Almeria:
Costa de Almeria has the hottest climate and is the driest region in Spain. In the spring and autumn months most days are dry and sunny, while the summer holiday months of July and August temperatures are often in the 100s (40ºCs). The winter months are very mild, with average highs of 65ºF (18ºC).

To the east of Costa de Almeria close to Granada is the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and as one of Europe's highest resorts it is very snow-sure and typically has a long Winter holiday ski season, starting at the end of November through to April.

Out and about on Holiday on the Costa de Almeria:
Tucked between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa de Almeria remains relatively untouched by modern day development and has one of the longest stretches of beach in the Andalucia region which makes it a popular destination for a relaxing family holiday.

Beaches on Holiday on the Costa de Almeria:
There are some beautiful beaches on Costa de Almeria, from long, sweeping beaches to isolated tiny coves. Many of the beaches offer good holiday facilities and a range of watersports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and paragliding. So on your holiday to the Costa de Almeria you can choose to relax and do nothing or participate in one of the activities available.

The ancient fortress in the city of Almeria is well worth a visit whilst on holiday in the Costa de Almeria. The fortress overlooks the town and is a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy Almeria. Almeria also offers a great deal of choice when it comes to shopping, there are various department stores and cheap market stalls to wander around whilst enjoying your holiday..

The Tabernas Desert, just north of Benahaduz on the Costa de Almeria was the setting for many of the famous spaghetti Westerns such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and A FistFul of Dollars and is now a theme park called Mini-Hollywood. The films were shot on the Costa de Almeria due to low filming costs and you can see the original sets and enjoy staged gunfights and shows.

Golf is very popular on the Costa de Almeria and there is no shortage of courses here, some in very picturesque locations. Other holiday activities on the Costa de Almeria include 4x4 safaris and go-karting. There are also a few water parks to be found in the area so if it is a quiet beach holiday or an action packed holiday you are looking for, Costa de Almeria will not disappoint.

Eating out on holiday in the Costa de Almeria:
Costa de Almeria is known for its fresh fish and seafood which is usually grilled or fried in olive oil.

If you want to dine traditionally in Costa de Almeria then the way forward is to dine in Tapas bars. A typical menu in a Tapas bar may include meat, rice, small fish and salad dishes. Seafood restaurants are very popular on the Costa de Almeria with a wide variety of different dishes to try. If you travel further inland you are likely to come across Migas Con Tropezones-bread sauteed with garlic and meat, Cocido de Trigo-wheat potage and Ajo Colorao-cod and potato cooked in garlic and paprika. Dining further inland is usually cheaper than in the more tourist holiday areas.

Costa de Almeria Holiday Facts:
Flight Time to the Costa de Almeria. From London 2 hrs 40 mins, From Manchester 2 hrs 50 mins.

Best Time to Visit the Costa de Almeria is May to October

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