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Cheap Holidays to Greece:

Travel Guide to your Cheap Holidays to Greece:
The holiday destination of Greece is split up into many smaller regions and islands groups each with it's own atmosphere offering unique holidays. A cheap holiday to Greece offers over 400 beaches and some of the worlds most beautiful coastlines. Greece is also famous for it's vast cultural tradition and folklore making it one of Europe's most popular family holiday destinations. Bargain cheap all inclusive holidays or our cancellation holidays to Greece offer great value for couples and family holidays.

Weather on Holiday in Greece:
The best times to search for a discount bargain holiday to Greece are during the months of spring and autumn, when the weather is pleasantly warm in most holiday areas of Greece and the tourist spots are relatively un-crowded. Mid-June to the end of August is holiday high season in Greece when it can get very hot with temperatures in the high thirties.

Most of the holiday resorts in Greece close down for the winter months, particularly on the holiday islands of Greece. During the winter months from November until mid April or even the beginning of May there are fewer, if any, cheap charter flights to Greece from the UK and a large reduction in ferry services between main land Greece and between the Greek islands.

Out and about on a cheap Holiday in Greece:
A cheap holiday in Greece or its islands offers great beaches, glorious sunshine, many historic and natural places of interest, as well as a variety of leisure activities to be enjoyed on both land and water. Whether it's enjoying some Greek hospitality, a spot of sunbathing or exploring an ancient site, a holiday in Greece provides you with the perfect combination to get the most from your holiday. A cheap holiday in Greece is ideal for both families and couples.

Eating out on Holiday in Greece:
Food on holiday in Greece relies highly on olive oil as it is used in almost all dishes. There are 4 main secrets to good Greek cuisine. These include correct use of herbs and spices, olive oil, fresh ingredients and simplicity, nothing more is needed for a great meal on your holiday in Greece. Some of the vegetables to try whilst on holiday in Greece include Greek tomatoes, carrot, onion and cabbage. Greek cheeses are also a must to try on any cheap holiday in Greece. Feta cheese is the most popular cheese in the Greece. The cuisine itself shares tastes with Italy and Turkey. Try some of the fresh fish and seafood on offer in Greece or have a meze. By doing this you can try a wide variety of typical Greek dishes by choosing a selection of starters, placing them in the middle of the table and everyone dives in.

Dining out on a cheap holiday in Greece is very popular. There are numerous tavernas, restaurants, cafes and cheap snack bars to enjoy. The smaller tavernas are likely to serve a more traditional menu whereas the tourist restaurants will serve a more International menu. The local snack bars in Greece serve bargain fast food snack, crepes and gyros.

Greece Holiday Facts:

Flight Time to Greece:

Flight times vary from UK departure points but are usually between 3- 4 hours depending on the final destination.

Currency: Euro

Nightlife: Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Best Time to Visit Greece: April to September

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