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Novo Sancti Petri
Cheap Holiday to Novo Sancti Petri:

Travel Guide to your Holiday to Novo Sancti Petri:
Novo Sancti Petri is a new and modern holiday resort. Novo Sancti Petri is surrounded by beaches and golf courses. Located on the Atlantic coast, Novo Sancti Petri is just a few kilometres south of Chiclana. Transfer time to Novo Sancti Petri from Gibraltar airport is around 90 mins by coach.

A popular holiday choice with golfers due to the high number of golf courses in the area, Novo Sancti Petri has miles of soft sand beaches and easy access to the historic cities of Cadiz and Jerez.

Beaches on Holiday in Novo Sancti Petri:
The wide sands of La Barossa beach run for the length of Novo Sancti Petri and beyond (approx 8km) and is served with public facilities and well-spaced groups of sun loungers and straw parasols.

The middle section of the Novo Sancti Petri beach is backed by a promenade for approx 1.5km. North of the promenade towards the Novo Sancti Petri marina and, south to the neighbouring resort of Roche, the Novo Sancti Petri beach is more natural and backed by dunes and pines. The waters are clear and blue but, with Novo Sancti Petri being on the Atlantic coast, the surf can be more suitable to bodyboarding than swimming.

Things to do on Holiday in Novo Sancti Petri:
Golf is not the only activity available in Novo Sancti Petri. There are children's playgrounds and cycling paths through the resort gardens. Quads, horse-riding, water sports, sailing and diving schools are all readily available to hire on your holiday in Novo Sancti Petri.

Take a boat trip from the Novo Sancti Petri Marina to the Island of Sancti Petri which lies a kilometre or so off shore. Once on the island you can take a guided tour of the Castle and learn of its ancient history with links to Hercules, Ceasar and Hannibal.

Out and about on Holiday in Novo Sancti Petri:
The beach promenade in Novo Sancti Petri is pedestrianised and lined with palm trees, lanterns, benches and lawned areas. There are plenty of car parks, beach bars and restaurants along it's length.

For a more Spanish environment, head from Novo Sancti Petri into the neighbouring town of Chiclana (8km). See the octagonal Hermitage of Santa Ana, located between the sports courts and the relaxing green gardens of Santa Ana Park. Of historic interest, head for the Plaza de Mayor to see the San Juan Bautista church and the important Aguila Clocktower.

Nearby Attractions to Novo Sancti Petri:
The Natural Park of Bahia Cadiz (24km) is located just off the main road onto the Cadiz peninsula and the ancient city itself is a further 12km (10 minutes drive) from Novo Sancti Petri.

The city of Cadiz is seamless blend of narrow streets and plazas, museums, churches, palaces, tree-lined avenues and designer shops. In contrast, the Natural Park will appeal to birdwatchers as the wetlands are teaming with breeding and migrating birds; flamingos, storks and other wading birds.

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